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"It is generally not visible from the outside, but tears apart the sufferer and causes major emotional, psychological, and physical challenges in their life and the lives of those around them. The World Health Organization deemed bipolar disorder the sixth leading cause of disability in the world, 2019 ( Despite the grim forecast, there is HOPE for YOU and YOUR loved ones who live with bipolar disorder. You can stay afloat in this ever-cycling existence. Always remember... YOU are NOT your mental illness."

- A. Grieme

Rejoice in Hope!

The exhausting demands of life while coping with bipolar disorder, and managing life with someone who endures it are challenging and sometimes emotionally and physically incapacitating.

Mood swings can leave you desperate and out of touch. It can be difficult to do the bare minimum, like just being emotionally available when you are needed.

There is a LIGHT.

READ A. Grieme' LATEST Mental Health Companion: H.O.L.D.F.A.S.T. - Ride out LIFE with bipolar disorder

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Along with your order of a signed copy of H.O.L.D.F.A.S.T. - Ride out LIFE with bipolar disorder- ($30 Value)

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A. Grieme will show you another way to look at bipolar disorder, to maneuver through life with the illness, and as a supporter. You will learn to:

rethink your relationship with your family, friends and coworkers,

open up communication with loved ones,

enjoy each moment while you have it,

take care of yourself without guilt,

and much, much more.

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"Grieme's work is the ultimate gift of wellness for those who endure the trials of mental illness, and for those who love and live with someone who suffers."- Jenifer E. M. Gilio, Global Advocate for Human Rights

"Grieme is a treasure. Her writing, her knowledge, and her ability to convey her experiences and insights about managing bipolar disorder are a gift."- Signe Whitson, Author and Director of Counseling in an Independent School

"Grieme is as real as they get! Truthful, raw and with a wonderful sense of humor, she brilliantly shares her experience and insight to what it truly feels like to live with bipolar disorder, going through psychosis and finding a path to acceptance. She is an invaluable resource, both to those living with a mental health disorder and their family! Most importantly, her positive energy and attitude help break the stigma around mental health; and the perspective of fear and discomfort most of us have when first confronted with it dissipates. It is replaced by embrace, laughter and a sense of peace that 'we got this - it's going to be alright.'"- Yael - A proud mom

"Grieme is a compassionate, kind and generous spirit. As a gifted writer she has devoted her life to help those that suffer with mental illness."- Jerilyn Restivo - Sotheby's International Realty, Realtor Associate

"A. Grieme is an extremely courageous and kind mother, educator and author who has advocated to remove the stigma from having a mental health diagnosis for many years. In her books, through her writing, she continues her support by offering sound and insightful advice to anyone who struggles to live, parent, and love with a bipolar diagnosis. While it is not easy to navigate life with mental illness, she gives clear steps to help manage bipolar disorder, and face the challenges that ensue."- Angie Andresen, Mental Health Counselor and Human Resource Professional

"A. Grieme is a wonderful storyteller with a unique ability to convey this complex subject matter with honesty, empathy, and a bit of humor. It is a great read."- B. Benner - V.P of Marketing, NYCA

"Amanda is a beautiful soul on a mission to support those struggling with bipolar disease. She has an unusual inside knowledge of the topic and the unique ability to clearly articulate how to make viable shifts that change lives. I love Amanda's upbeat energy and positive outlook on life."- Dr. Shirlene Reeves - Author and Heart-Based Sales, Visibility and Wealth Strategist

"Amanda has a way of making her audience feel welcomed and a part of something bigger in this world. As we know, life can be difficult, however, it's always comforting to know that others have your back and understand your emotions. Amanda clearly understands the heart. Even if you do not have bipolar disorder, her books will help anyone understand themselves better."- Audrey Sedlak-Barbati, M.A. - Professor of Art, Photographer and Hairstylist

"I am fortunate to know personally and professionally, Amanda Grieme. She is passionate about helping and teaching others about bipolar disorder. Amanda wants to make sure that people who are suffering with or have a loved one with any mental illness, are felt, seen and heard. - Nancy McClary, Independent School Teacher and Librarian

About the Author

Diagnosed at the age of twenty with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder with schizoaffective episodic delusions, it was not until a decade after A. Grieme’s own mental tumble that she was not-so-gently shown her path to be a mental health awareness advocate.

Today, she lives to share how she stayed afloat in this ever-cycling existence, and to help others understand they can, too. It was while she was curled into herself, cradled uncomfortably into the corner of her parent’s couch following a psychotic episode that she found her way out of her own hell with a pen and paper. It was all she could do… the first step in the separation from an insidious diagnosis that did not allow itself to be ignored.

Despite the ever-present fog and deleterious effects from prescribed little blue and pink pills, deemed “imagination slayers” by Grieme, she wrote letters. The Letters documented her fall to those she loved and admired, here and gone.

As A. Grieme says “with each letter a piece of MYSELF, smothered by rapid cycling bipolar disorder slowly unraveled… detangling the knot that choked the essence of who I am: ME.” A. Grieme resides with her family outside of a tiny town on the Northeastern Seaboard, USA.

She is an author, educator, and chooses writing, coaching, teaching, and radio as her creative, cathartic mediums to help others. Her life experience with mental illness, self-medication, and almost two decades in education lends her readers, students, clients, and listeners invaluable, empowering, often quirky life advice, braided in a message of hope.

Grieme is also the proud author of H.O.L.D.F.A.S.T: Ride out Parenting with Bipolar Disorder (2020), Paging Dr. Freedman (2019), "Dear Prudence"( 2009) the inspiration for Paging Dr. Freedman, and Motherhood Made ME Get Over MYSELF: A Metamorphosis (a published blog, 2014).

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Photo by Audrey Sedlak-Barbati featured in Paging Dr. Freedman

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